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Logos & Branding

It’s no coincidence that the best businesses have the best branding. More than logo design and letterheads, your brand is your personality and the whole experience of doing business with you – so it should have some appeal!

We can manage every touch point of your brand, from your logo, signage and stationery to a full brand identity.

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Website Design & Digital

Your website isn’t just another place to list your phone number. It’s the most common way for people to find you and find out about you, and when it’s managed properly it can be a vehicle for your business to reach new markets and generate more income.

Shape design and develop websites that suit your business and we make them work for you. If you need to set up an online store, we have the e-Commerce solution for you. If you’re looking to set the net on fire with a social media campaign, we can help. And for training and education we can implement the Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning design framework that will get the results you need.

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Print Design & Marketing

The internet didn’t kill print, it just made it a lot more interesting. Brochures, posters, billboards and print ads have a massive audience and unrivalled accessibility.

The Shape team know how to put the punch in your print. We will work with you to ensure your print material, packaging and advertising makes exactly the right impact with exactly the right people.

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Animation, Motion Graphics & InfoGraphics

The modern miracle of pictures that move!

We know that everybody likes to watch, and there’s nothing more compelling than a beautifully articulated animation to attract and hold the attention of your audience. Shape can help you bring life to your digital media with custom-designed animations, web videos and infographics.

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