Shape is a full-service design agency with a passion for great design and an eye for beauty that earns its keep.


(n.) The characteristic surface contour of an object which distinguishes it from its surroundings.

(v.) To give a particular form and purpose; to create.

We come from every discipline of graphic design. Perth-based since 2004, our team has grown and worked together for years to bring the best web designers, artworkers, branding specialists, advertising experts and animation mavericks together in one place.

Graphic doesn’t mean gratuitous (ask anyone in the film industry). We believe graphic design is much more than window dressing – it’s good business, for every business. Great graphic design is fresh, open to change and it moves in step with technology and innovation. It’s functional, ambitious and it always tells the truth. Great design stands apart, it survives trends and most of all, it finds solutions.

It’s what we do.


Principal and Art Director

Scott has been a graphic designer since 1997 and worked with various agencies. He works in all areas of design and keeps the studio current with the latest technology and industry innovations.